We’re Baaaaaaack!

Henlo all! It’s Sam and Gina back at it. We have joint-written this post, so Sam’s lines will be in blue, and Gina’s lines will be in pink. For your benefit. Here we go.

You may think we meant that title to be sung, but really, we are sheep now.

I wrote this sonnet:

A year ago we bought a blog domain

Well, after all, it seemed an easy way . . .

Just forty dollars each for lives of fame

It seemed a very small, small price to pay.


We called it On the Island and began

with stories of our beach days in the sun,

the venues where I sang, Tough Mudders ran.

But soon we found ourselves all tired of fun.


The couch was calling, so we had to go.

At least the sun still shone in through th’window.


That was Gina’s nice way of saying our seasonal depression kicked in and we stopped giving AF (clearly Sam is not up on the texting jargon . . . I believe she meant “giving an F,” not “giving as F” . . .) about the blog. And literally everything else.

But now the sun is out again, we’ve been taking over the counter Vitamin D supplements and our depression is gone, so we’re back and ready to blog. Except we’ll be changing a few things this time. We have come to the conclusion that the only people reading this already like us (Hi Aunt Eydie) so we can stop trying so hard. Gina says I’m allowed to curse now so its MOTHER FUCKIN ON BITCHES!!!! Ok not what I had in mind but ok.

So anyway, this time around, we won’t be writing Gospel Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays, or Freestyle Fridays. Every day is freestyle day. That’s right, we are now starting rap careers and will be having freestyle battles EVERY SINGLE DAY. Also not what I had in mind but ok. Seriously though, this is going to become basically mine and Sam’s interweb diary. So if we want to write about a restaurant that really sucked, we will. And if we want to do a post about something cute our dog did, we’ll do three. And if we want to write a post about Sam’s FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH PERIOD CRAMPS AT TWENTY-SIX YEARS OLD (#blessed), we won’t because our mom will yell at us.

Long story/sonnet short, we’re back and better than ever. Stay tuned folks, because you’re about to delve into the depths of mine and Gina’s minds. sry in advance.

Everyone’s favorite sisters – back on their bullshit

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