New York’s NASCAR Home Track

Last Saturday night, I gathered up a bunch of my family, and we headed over to  Riverhead Raceway for Fireworks Night.

Working at a car dealership has its perks. Since a few of my coworkers race at Riverhead, they hooked me up to sing the National Anthem at the Raceway from time to time. Saturday was one of those times. Because I was doing the National Anthem, I was able to go behind the gate (I keep calling it backstage because I don’t know what it’s actually called!) and see some pretty cool stuff, like a guy underneath a car and the Raceway’s mascot without its head on. When it came time for me to do the Star Spangled Banner, I got to ride down to the track in one of the coolest cars I’ve ever been in. According to Sam, it was an El Camino, but all I know is that it had an all red interior and strawberry air fresheners so it smelled red too! How cool is that?

Anyway, after that whole ordeal (complete with a burnout leaving the track), the races started. My family doesn’t go to the races very often, and I’m sure everyone around us could tell when it came time for the Figure Eights. I pretty much chewed my finger nails off watching one of my good friends go through the intersection of the figure eight, and Sam screamed even when there were no other cars around.

In addition to the usual races, Riverhead Raceway also had a whole bunch of adorable little kids race Big Wheels right on the track. They even interviewed the winners as if it was a regular race. So cute!

With fireworks and a demolition derby that night, I was up way passed my bedtime and wasn’t even dozing off in the stands. Scroll down for a whole gallery of photos from Saturday night, and see if you can find time to head to Riverhead Raceway this Saturday night; word on the street is it’s gonna be a good one!

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