That’s Amore

Yesterday, my mom and I were looking for something fun to do instead of binge-watching Netflix all day. So naturally, we decided to go out for lunch. Since Sam was working, we strategically picked a very gluteny restaurant so that Sam couldn’t be mad at us for going without her; we headed to The Pie in Port Jefferson for the best pizza ever. (Side note: Sam was still a tiny bit mad at us for going without her.)

Anyway, it turns out they do offer gluten-free pastas. Sorry Sam.

The Pie has a really great lunch menu with all different types of sandwiches in addition to their regular pastas and sides, but my mom and I opted to split a small margarita pie and each get a house salad. Although their house salad is a little pricey for its size, the walnuts, croutons, and house dressing are to die for. I’m mildly allergic to walnuts, but ate every single one anyway because it was just that good.

As for the pizza, I can’t even explain how great it was. I’m hoping that all of my readers are familiar with Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore,” so just bear with me here . . . the pizza from The Pie tastes exactly how “That’s Amore” sounds. It’s authentic, high-quality brick oven pizza. Amazing. I’ve eaten the same exact plain pizza from The Pie at least fifty times in my life, but I’m still surprised every time by how good it is.

Do yourself a favor. Grab a few friends and get yourselves a pie in Port Jeff. And also, please bring me with you guys.

Sorry again, Sam. Love you.

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