Always Seeking, Never Ceasing

We all have friends that fly under the radar until they need something: advice, a ride somewhere, someone to show up to the party with. Of course, I have nothing against these friends. I love them just as much as all my other friends, and kudos to them for having the courage to ask for support (or a shirt to borrow) when they need it. But last week, I discovered the complete opposite of this kind of friend.

If you couldn’t tell from my post last Monday, last week was rough for me. I was beyond angry at God and everyone else in the world. I was even considering finding coverage for the Saturday mass I sing at, just so that I didn’t have to face God. Then, on Thursday, I got a text from a friend I had barely spoken to in months, inviting me to a Christian youth group Friday night. Out of nowhere, right when I needed it the most, she was there for me to restore my faith and provide support and healing in one of my lowest moments.

God is this kind of friend. He asks for nothing but love and trust in return for a lifetime of support and healing. God does not reach out to you only when it benefits Him; God is constantly seeking us, even when we have stopped seeking Him.

After attending the youth group with my friend, I felt more at peace with life than I have in months. Understanding and revelation filled my weekend, and I feel much closer to God. I know that He sent my friend Mary Kate to me at that moment to pull me back into His arms and to save me from myself.

When you start listening and watching for the Lord, it is so abundantly obvious that He is always seeking us and calling us back when we stray too far. Find friends that not only support but encourage your ever-growing relationship with God.

I cannot be any more grateful to Mary Kate for showing me the way back to the Lord.

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